About Us

Construction PhotoHansen Consulting is a management consulting company that provides unique and specalized business development and training services to improve the lives of the owners and increase their return on monies invested in their business.

The focus of our consulting practice is to specialize in business strategy and management team development for owners of closely-held businesses who are ready to move their business to the next level. Our clients range from small start-ups to a 40 million dollar contractor that employ 250 people. Our engagements include companies in industries ranging from construction, engineering, manufacturing, food & beverage and retail as well as government agencies and programs. Regardless of the industry, our clients share one common trait; they realize there are no easy answers and are committed to making their business a success.

We provide services that are tailored to our clients needs and goals, they include:

We recognize that each business and it’s owners are unique, with differing needs and goals. These needs and goals take special attention to accomplish. We specialize in providing unique solutions for businesses to reach those goals, we show them how to implement changes that are cost effective, we guide them through implementing those changes and monitor the business’s changes through on and offsite visits.

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